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Creative Commons license

  1. Is there an easy way to add a Creative Commons license to a blog? Maybe this should go in ideas?

  2. There isn't a way because you can't access the template files.

    I suggest in addition to this post hit the "Feedback" button at the top right of your dashboard and submit your idea.

  3. Tx, marc, will do...

  4. (This is my first post here so I hope I haven't messed up the code part) Assuming you mean adding the CC graphic:

    If you haven't already come across it, check out this post. It's about adding Sitemeter to your blog, but it worked for Creative Commons, too.

    The picture doesn't show up in every theme, though. Sometimes it's just the text link.

  5. educatedeviate

    I made a new page on my blog and placed the License code there. It broke a bit but the main gist of the license is there...

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