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    My travel blog uses WuWei. I like the minimalist features of it. This travel blog will become active in about a week when I start traveling again in Italy. I welcome ideas on how to “archive” all of the 2012 posts. Is there a way to have a menu tab that reads 2012 (would this be a new page?), that when you click on it all of 2012 will appear? Are sub categories possible with this theme? How do you do it? Widget (are these only on the bottom or can the layout be different)? Thank you for your help.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is the URL for your 2012 posts:
    And these are the URLs for each month:

    You can create a custom menu, add Home and About to it, then add custom links using the above URLs, label them “2012”, “September”, “October” etc, and turn the monthly links into a dropdown to “2012”.
    For more details on custom menus see this post of mine:


    Thank you panos. I went to your post and it looks quite thorough! I’m sure I will find a solution there. Ever grateful.


    Okay. I created the new menu. Now – I am sure this is an elementary question with a quick answer, so I will ask: How do I hide the 2012 posts from “Home” without losing those posts altogether, because I DO want them to appear when a reader clicks on “2012 – First Trip.” Thank you.





    You have to make enough posts to push them off the front page.



    Or you can create an intro page (in Pages > Add New) and set the blog front to display that intro page instead of your latest posts (in Settings > Reading).


    Thanks again!

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