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  1. I started up a new creative writing blog:

    and I've still got my personal serial short story blog going:

    I notice a lot of people talking about short stories and creative writing, but no one is really promoting their sites (if they have one). It seems like there is an audience for this sort of thing, and I would like to let them know the above address are available.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, I have just opened a blog in this community. Unfortunately the name I chose was already taken but as a variant I had to add a suffix on to enable me ton use the name I wanted to commence with. I am a poet & writer and have many years of experience in my chosen field. It's something I do because I love the creativity. I love the art and expression that is achieved when one creates a poem, or story. My blog in this community is presently 'empty', except for a token piece of artwork I uploaded to see how it looked. But it is my intention to upload my poems and stories from my past work and also to write new work and post this to my blog. You say .... "It seems like there is an audience for this sort of thing" ... I agree, but it's finding that audience, attracting it, bringing it back to one's venue (weblog) which is the essential thing to achieve. After that, everything becomes possible... providing one's creative writing - whether it be in poetry or story form - is so expressive that the audience will continue to come back and by doing so will imply they want more :)

    Best wishes,
    (forgive the suffix to my blogname - something had to be appended and I suppose I retain a wry sense of humour in choosing these numbers)

  3. Hello, another budding author here, formerly an arts journalist. I started a blog called Pacific NW Author two weeks ago.

    I too have my share of poetry, short stories, screenplays and other literary work. If you have novels or longer non-fiction work, consider posting on It's free to post, but you have to work the site so that your work does not get buried under the other 4,000+ postings.

    PNW Author

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