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  1. I recently started a little creative writing blog called

      The Chronicles of Creepy Pants
    . I'd love to have some feedback and start a little network of creative writers. Tell me if your interested. Or just gimme some love with your comments!


    In early 2011, my boss asked me to sit on the interview panel for a 27 year old man who had applied for a position as a junior solicitor in our firm’s insurance litigation team.

    There was something not quite right about him, but alas, we still hired him.

    It was a mistake. A bad mistake. The mistake still lingers.

    This is his story.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Alright, I'm intrigued I'm going to go over and see what this is all about.

    Meanwhile, you can treat yourself to my comedy blog anytime between the hours of 3am and 4:19pm..

  3. Hey,

    What an awesome topic title (both being my interests) and a Great way to bring together like-minded people. I have strong aspirations to get into Creative Writing, especially Stand-Up/Improv Comedy. I'm trying to figure out my own identity and style with my own writing.

    I will definintely be checking your site out. I have posted my very first blog-post last sunday if you don't mind giving me your imput as well.

    Heres your first network buddy!


    - Christopher S.

  4. Aahah... atomicgator beat me to it! :)

  5. I've done my comedy blog for a year and a half cowboy, and I'm always willing to help out others. I remember my first blog,, lol that was such a long time ago. I just posted #125... time flies..

    I would love to check out your site.

  6. Nice.. Nice...

    Well the first post isnt really persay comedy... just an observation lol!!

    Man I forgot to link to my page... Dadum!

    Check it out...

    Thoughts on the Flipside


  7. First tip. You don't have to include your page link. See your name or my name to the left of the post. Everyone knows to click on that and it goes straight to their blog..

    Tip #1
    You're welcome.

  8. :)

    Aahh Snap! Thank you... Thank you!!

    Just like sex... is still foreign to me... and just the way I handle everything in life, I live to learn and share as well!

  9. Hey creeped,

    I've read through your blog series "The Chronicles of Creepy Pants;" and I got to say I'm hooked. This creepy pants dude (I wonder how you dubbed him that?) sounded at first like an eccentric fella, which always perks my curiosity. But then I read episode 2, and I'm like, "This guy aint eccentric... He's downright Dr. Gregory House crazy! LOL"

    But anyways, I appreciated a good laugh this morning so thanks for that.

    It reminded me how I went to my job interviews myself. I work as a Construction - General Laborer, and the first I do is put on the nicest shirt and tie, and clash it nicely with a pair of carrharts carpenter pants. I walk unto residential construction sites and Ive gotten a fair share of odd looks, a few cat-whistles, and one time,

    "Holla me back with your phone number pretty boy!!"

    *hhmm this gives me an idea for a future blogpost*

    Anyways, good job Mr. creeped... I'll be keeping an eye on this one!

  10. Thanks for the replies, dudes. My little blog is destined for a finite life, but I'm enjoying the ride in the meantime. Hopefully, others will join it too. I figure, once I get this one going I will get inspired to start new blogs with new stories or angles.

    Great to hear about your success, Gator. And you new beginnings, Cowboy. I'm following your blogs, reading to like, rate and comment all over the place!

  11. Ditto!

    I'd like to network with like-minded people. Hopefully I can create a think-tank someday and just write out humorous stories and sketch-comedy type pieces.

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