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    I am posting here as I have not received a reply to my support email.

    I updated my auto-renew information (after the previous auto-renew attempt failed due to a new credit card) and was told that the auto-renewal would occur in 4 days. However I got a call from my credit card issuer saying that my card has been frozen due to suspected fraud with a charge of $0.96 AUD (approx $1 USD) from

    Does this mean that I am being charged for a failed renewal, or that the card is being tested to see if it will work on the auto-renewal date?
    There was no documentation, warning or receipt for the transaction that occurred.


    The blog I need help with is


    I don’t know, but I’ll tag this for staff attention and hopefully they will come through shortly and look into it for you.



    The $1 is just an authorization to make sure that the auto-renew will go through on schedule.

    This is standard practice for any company offing automated billing. I’m surprised your credit card provider put a hold on that.



    Also, to answer your last question, the renewal did not go through since the authorization was blocked.

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