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credit card is from unsupported country

  1. when i pay by my visa card I got an error " card is from unsuported country" how can I purchase the domain.
    Blog url:

  2. Which country is it please?


  4. thanks a lot for guidence, its mean we have no way to purchase domain for maping my to custom domain.
    I think wordpress team can get Fee for domain by bank draft and by many other manual methods.
    I have no idea why they are not doing so?

  5. I'm sorry but what Staff have said is the way it is. There is no other payment option available at this time.

  6. In another thread @macmanx said they were "exploring other options for payments" but exactly what that means I am not sure - there are several countries that have payment problems - my suggestion that WordPress.COM was not out a lot of money if a payment bounced since they were not say shipping TV sets - they are just out the cost of say the mapping or no-adds etc and they could tighten up the refund policy to protect themselves (it hold any refunds long enough to see if the original transaction was fraud) - but I am not staff -

    Long shot - do you have a friend or relative in a country that does not have a fraud embargo by PayPal you could cut a deal with?

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