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    Hello WP,

    I am working my wordpress account for a charity organization ALTSO – A Leg To Stand On. They want to have a new look and decide to use WP.
    So my question is can I set up a form where other users or people can have a look at our WP site and pay for the donation.
    The idea will be similar to this but no paypal, only credit card use

    Please Help

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    No you cannot use that here. blog cannot be equipped for e-commerce transactions. This is what you can use on a blog >


    will it be possible that I can set the link to somewhere else.
    Well, This site I design is for the nonprofit organization.
    So will it be okay if I can make a button that use/goes to etapestry site?
    And they will be the one that responible for creating credit card donation value.


    I apologize for further notice that I have put my account on private. But would it be possible if I can make a button link to external path where my viewer can donate using credit card?



    Yes. You would have to set thet up elsehewre and then create a custom menu and add a custom link as a custom menu item.
    Create a custom menu >
    Add a custom link


    Well I was thinking about trying the url pass-thru parameter since it will link externally to the credit card page

    let just say I have a donate page that say “please donate $500” button. When the viewers click on this button, it will link to the external credit card page and it will see the value of $500 and to fill in the credit card info.

    Please let me know if I can do that?


    Still waiting for your reply…



    I’m flagging this thread for a Staff response. Please be patient while waitibng.



    If you have a link that just goes elsewhere, it should work just fine.


    Alright thanks



    You’re welcome!

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