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crediting used photos

  1. My last post is the first time I used photos from Flickr. Question 1, do I have to give credit to photos I use? Question 2, if yes, did I credit them correctly? Any suggestions are welcomed.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You should credit photographers and any artists for their work if you're not paying them. A link to their site wouldn't go a miss either. How you would you feel about someone copying a pasting your writing and not mentioning you at all.

    Personally I'd either put a caption under each image crediting the photographer and link the image to their site, or credit them at the end of the piece and include a link.

    When I say credit use their actual name as listed on their Flickr accounts not just the URLs.

  3. Yes, you should certainly credit each photo you use. Each photo link should link to the actual page that photo is from (you've linked each to the person's photostream) with the title of each photo. It's best to put the linked credit directy below or next to each photo. Also, you need to make sure that you're using photos that have a Creative Commons licence that actually allows you to use them. The one with the unlocked padlock that you used is here:

    and lower down the right side of that page it says © License: all rights reserved' which means that the owner of the photo does NOT give you permission to use it.

    I wrote a guide some time ago for new bloggers and there's a page in it that might help which has info about using other people's images:

    Blogging Help for Newbies, page 7

    It also has links to Creative Commons and some ideas of where to find images that are okay to use. I hope that helps. :)

  4. Thank your for your help. I'm still new to this and I want to blog respectfully and correctly.

    I bookmarked Blogging for Newbies and plan on reading it through.

    One more question, I do notice on some blogs photos used have no reference. Do these bloggers use the "buy in" services for photos I came across in my search? An example is this blog:

    Thanks again.

  5. No, a lot of bloggers just steal.

    If you're using Flickr it's almost effortless to get CC licensed photos. Just use Advanced Search, scroll down, and pick "Use CC Licensed Photos Only".

  6. @raincoaster,
    Thanks, I have not used Flickr before but for one of my blogs I wanted a Flickr slideshow in the sidebar. I'm using only photos of my own but CC license sounds like what I want. I was under the impression that I had to credit each and every one of the photos used in posts… a pita because I've already used many of the pics in post and just wanted to use Flickr to have a reasonable looking slideshow in the sidebar.

  7. CC license doesn't remove the requirement to credit IF that photographer has put it in their license. I normally put it in the caption and/or description when doing it, and link the photo to the photo page.

  8. ok, but these are my own photos which i want to post for only a short time. As I said, and this may well irritate you, but I'm not familiar with Flickr, so is there some sort of license where I can just post w/o credits?

  9. The pics are in posts. But then I added the slideshow for a limited time and used flickr to make the slideshow. I don't want to go back and credit myself for the images that are already in posts?

  10. You don't have to credit yourself. The CC license applies only to other people posting them. If you want to allow it, you can set the license in your Flickr settings. If you don't, don't worry; the default is All Rights Reserved.

  11. @1tess - if they're your own photos, you can do what you like with them. :) As raincoaster says, the default there is All Rights Reserved which is what you'll see if you don't choose the Creative Commons option.

    @cyndiheath - most people, unfortunately, just take images. This is not necessarily deliberate stealing, many of them don't understand how to use photos they find online. But unlike you, they don't try to find out first.

    Here's the link to how to properly attribute Creative Commons licensed images:

    And by the way, by far the easiest way is to get the images into your blog post via the URL option in insert images (in the post editor) then you can post the image directly and it will automatically link back to the original photo and that photo's page. But you should also put a credit below the photos in your post.

    Apropos finding photos that you can use, the simplest way is to use this Creative Commons search:

  12. Thanks rain and aobird!

    I only wanted to use Flickr this one time for a work-blog I administrate and the wp slideshow is embryonic: can't be added to sidebar, can't sort pics into different slideshows, etc etc, while at the same time I wanted some of the photos in posts.

    Any what-way, thank you.

  13. @1tess, you're welcome. Something you could try, by the way, if the photos aren't too complex, is to do a pseudo slideshow using .gif animation in Photoshop (or an equivalent that uses transparent layers). Providing the images aren't too large, that can sometimes create a pleasing slideshow and it's quite easy with one photo per layer and a couple of seconds or more in between each.

  14. Yes, thanks. I'd considered that, but when I want to add to the slideshow, I'd have to go back to Photoshop. These are pictures of donated artwork for a special fund-raising auction (for our local non-profit recycling shop) and folks are bringing things by daily.

  15. Mmm... yep, see what you mean. Oh well. Good luck with the auction, by the way.

  16. I can't wait: I'll have more time when it's over. But it will be "fun."

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