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credits: do they expire if unused?

  1. Stiletto Girl gave me ten credits for my birthday so I could buy the CSS upgrade. I am an over-researcher and want to learn a lot more about CSS before signing up for the upgrade and beginning to mess up my blog as I am sure I will do. But do the credits expire in a year from purchase, or does the upgrade expire a year after I click to get the upgrade? Right now the credits are just floating around in Matt's bank account, not associated with the upgrade yet.

    Is the expiry date a year from credit purchase, or a year from upgrade-getting?

  2. As far as I know the credits are around forever unless used against an upgrade that initiates the 1 year countdown clock, but credits not used are there forever. Why wouldn't they?


  3. I dunno, I'm just paranoid about stuff. Thanks.

  4. Trent is spot on.

  5. Thanks for the clarification. This greatly lessens the chances of seeing me in the forum yelling I BORKED MY BLOG PLZ HLP ME!!! Now I have the time to do some learning.

  6. i was so excited with my gift of credits i couldn't be bothered to learn abt css before upgrading and you know i'm a worse n00b than you raincoaster. thank goodness for copy and paste! =)

  7. Yes, but you're less of a control freak. Like, you see Bus Full of Hippies, you go COOL, you implement it. I see Bus Full of Hippies and I think...shades of gunmetal grey and black, skeletal leaves, yeah, that could be cool...

    And I live in fear of completely farking up Given how creative and explorative I am, I don't put it past me to somehow tweak the CSS into forming a wormhole or something.

    When I was doing newsletters for Starbucks I routinely got emails from graphic designers asking how I'd achieved certain effects in Photoshop; the truth was, we didn't have Photoshop. I did all the effects in Word and on the photocopier.

  8. @raincoaster: Some folks run a second com blog for testing purposes. That way if you do inadvertently break through to the fourth dimension no harm is done.................:)

  9. Does anyone other than me with a CSS upgrade use the 'preview' before applying changes with the CSS? It works fine with Firefox and go figure, not with Safari. It does work really well to find out what your site will look like with the changes prior to saving. Not so good if you can't sit down and do it in one session without taking the code and saving locally until you can play around some more.


  10. But if I use a blog as a test blog, the upgrade applies only to that test blog, right? I have to buy another one for the real blog, yes? Actually, I have a blog I could use...might as well take the plunge. Does CSS work the same there as here?

  11. Ya, you just edit CSS but you need to be aware they are using the same style elements as the base theme in or else you will style a sheet, imprint it onto your blog and not work anyways.....


  12. Yes, I'll definitely keep track of that.

  13. As posted the arrangements for CSS at Org / Com are not interchangeable directly because the html in the underlying theme templates at com is unique to com. But with a bit of hacking it could be. But it is not for the faint hearted. But as a CSS learning tool then why not? Another alternative is to fix up a local web server XAMPP on your home computer.
    BUT: Here is my favorite trick of all:
    Fire up your com blog. View the source code in your browser. Select it all. Copy into notepad. Save it as myblog.htm anywhere on your home computer. Alter the CSS import statement. Copy the base CSS in the same way. You can now edit to your hearts content. No mess. No futzing. And it will be fully interoperable with your live com blog. How cool is that? :)

  14. Very cool! Thanks!

    Yes, I'm going to fiddle around with the other blog for a week or so before instituting the upgrade here, and I won't try to directly port things over, just use it as a training ground. I still want to develop Bus full of Goths eventually.

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