Credits Pending, What About My Domain?

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    Here’s a question: I went to purchase a domain this morning… It said, Congratulations this domain is available but you must purchase it etc. etc.

    So I did, and then it said “Credits Pending” and this may take up to four days. Okay. Fine. That’s a pain, but whatever. I thought, maybe I’ll buy 15 more credits with my credit card just to get the domain registered.

    So I entered the info in again and now it says the domain is unavailable. My question is this: Is the domain now unavailable because it is placed on hold while my credits are pending, or did someone else buy it in between and now I lose out? When I go to the actual page now I see this:

    “This is the placeholder for domain If you see this page after uploading site content you probably have not replaced the index.html file.

    This page has been automatically generated by Plesk.”

    Does anyone know what I should expect? Did I just lose my domain because of the pending credits, or is it being held?

    I also bought 15 credits earlier and it never showed up and never showed pending. I’ll contact support about that, though, when they open up…



    Did you get this sorted out? Let us know so if not staff can be directed to it.




    No. I guess the domain got taken. Not sure. It looks like I’m out of luck, but I’ll get over it…

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