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    I was just getting rid of the spam messages and there was a really creepy one which I feel quite threatened by. Is there a way to log this somewhere. It’s one thing to get the viagra stuff, but this one seems directed at me.

    The blog I need help with is


    Copy it out and put it into a plain text file, and copy everything – the IP address, username, email address, website address – everything, and then save it.

    I would also click to “edit” the comment and take a screenshot of the entire screen and keep that as well.


    Oh yeah, and one other thing, keep the email notification that you received.



    Re: threats
    Do not post any identifying information here in this public forum. If it was from another blogger you can report them to Staff.
    See here >



    Thank you. There is no email notification when a message goes to Spam to start with. Or at least I don’t get any. They just sit in the spam bit on the dashboard until you check them, is there a setting I should change to get email notification for these? I don’t think it was a WP blogger. I’ve taken a grab and closed comments on the post. Some posts seem to attract more spam comments than others.


    Oh yeah, you are right. We don’t get notification of spam comments (and actually getting anywhere from 50 to 450 per day I’m glad that is so).

    As TT says, if the URL (if they left one) if from a wordpress.COM blog, then do let staff know.

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