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Criteria for Top WordPress Blogs

  1. Does anyone know the criteria needed to be listed as a top WP blog?
    Most Comments? Most Hits? Most Posts?
    I've visited the top 4 listed and maybe it's me, but I don't totally understand why they're listed.
    Seems to me there's no rhyme or reason for why the top blogs are tops.
    It's always the 'same old, same old'...
    Any thoughts?

  2. Traffic mostly on recent posts. Staff won't tell us officially though what they rank on. You may want to start with this search as see if that helps.


  3. The only info we have is found at

  4. Thanks for the replies, drmike & timethief.
    I think the WordPress 'formula' is a bit too mysterious and cryptic for my liking but it is what it is...
    Maybe the bottom line will always be to provide decent content and people will visit your blog. Maybe it doesn't really matter whether you're 'toplisted' or not.
    I won't lose any sleep over it but I was wondering.
    Thanks again,

  5. I would like to know what causes a top blog to stop being listed in the Top Blogs Listing.

    My blog was in the top 20 on WordPress for about a year.

    Now (since about February 15th or 16th) it never gets into the top 100 even though thousands more people read it every day and the feed has over 1000 people reading it on a regular basis.

  6. @quotes: I also have thousands of hits per day, but the stats only counts the most recent posts hits, as drmike said. I guess that's happening with you.

  7. @jaroche

    No, I had lots of visits to a St. Pat's Day post that was brand new. It should have been a top post and the blog should have been in the top 100 for visits.

  8. And the jedi mail box, the NVIDIA drivers and Daniel naked posts are back yet again. All three of those are fairly old.

  9. I never knew there was a site for it? (not to go off topic here but...)
    @TT are there other WP sites that you can list for helpful/useful WP info.
    I know there is one for themes, but any more out there and how does one find them?
    Is there a stciky somewhere listing them all?
    It seems unless they get mentioned in the forum, one never knows?

  10. @gottabkd
    I tried to list all the beginner resources links in this thread

  11. Cool TT thanks. I am sure they will help.
    It should be a sticky!
    Other than the forum posts, are there other worpress authored site links to include?

  12. Not that I know of. It's important to note that and are very different. There is a sticky post "please read me first before posting" that clarifies the distinctions between the two

  13. @drmike

    So are you saying that it has nothing to do with age?

    (or very little)

    <what I really think is going on>

    I think this is a MAJOR bug in the MU wordpress code and that they just have not been able to find it and fix it.

    Remember how long it took to fix that problem where EVERY TIME a post was made, it would turn on the "Do not Show My Blog to Search Engines" Checkbox. ????

    That one took almost six months to get them to believe that it was a bug and then only a few minutes to fix it.

    </what I really think is going on>

  14. @quotes: I'd ask support to check and see if your blog was marked mature.

  15. Shouldn't be as he's showing up in the tag system.

  16. The nekkid Radcliffe posts aren't that old; most of them are only two or three weeks old. I know because I had nekkid Radcliffe in September or so, and a fat lot of good it does me on Top Posts, too: a big goose egg.

    FWIW I have one post in the Top 100 that's brand-spanking new and it got me back into the top 20 of WordPress blogs with less than three hundred hits per day. I think it has more to do with the rate of increase of average hits than anything else, because I went from steady state 1900 per day to 2700 in 24 hours and held it for a couple of days. That bumped me 40 spots on Top Blogs, and until Saturday I hadn't broken Top Posts in months.

  17. I asked them to check if it was working right and they said it was.

    I asked them to check if it was market mature and they did not respond.

    I asked them to check for bugs and they have not responded.

    I have not had a response back from support or feedback since February 26 (2007)

  18. How's your Google juice? Given your readership, that's probably a lot more important. Google and WP Top Blogs operate on completely different criteria, that much is sure.

  19. Anyone else concerned that Rain knows about the nekkid Radcliffe pics? :)

  20. Sweetie, I was on that a good six months ahead of anyone. But no reason to worry: I can't afford airfare to go molest the poor boy.

  21. Google Juice? --- like - does Google like me? okay, I guess.

  22. Yes, basically. With your blog subject, searches are going to be way more important at driving traffic to you than a placement on WordPress top blogs or top posts, so as long as Google is ranking you fairly it's less of a concern how WP is...although of course it's irritating when it seems so arbitrary.

  23. Google seems to like me for a few terms, MSN and Yahoo seem to be ignoring me completely.

    The Top Blogs bug is not really arbritrary ... It appears to be aimed at specific sites.

    If it is a bug then it has been identified and out there for over a month now.

    If it is not a bug then it has to be specific targeting of sites that someone with system-wide access doesn't like.

    I don't know which it is but either way, I believe that it makes those listings innaccurate and dishonest.

  24. Not that it really solves anything but you did see Andy's recent post on the stats subject?

  25. That's what I meant by arbitrary: some people behind the scenes make up their mind, without reference to any metrics we can determine and with zero transparency, whether a blog is going to be boosted or sunk on the listings.

  26. @raincoaster

    Yes, someone with a lot of power around here wrote me to say:

    "BOTD is meant to highlight the most interesting blogs, not the ones with highest traffic."

    I am wondering if I should take that to mean something like ...

    "I do not find your blog interesting so I have decided that it will never show up there (botd) again."

    ... could that be correct on that ... or am I being just paranoid?

  27. The thing about subjectivity is, you can always say, "Oh, that person's been eating too many funny brownies" and subjectively review their judgement. In the absence of other sources of solace, it'll have to do.

    I mean, I turned in a round dozen spam sites I found on Top Blogs; they were NOT that interesting, trust me.

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