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  1. Alhamdulillaah, All praise to Allaah, we have set up this new website and we request you to help us make it better. We're new to wordpress; and we're anxious about our choices.

    1) Is the theme choice good for the contents?

    2) Is the layout good?

    3) Does the site make sense?

    4) Is it interesting?

    5) Is it too shocking for readers?

    6) Widget suggestions?

    We don't expect you to answer all the questions, this is prompting criticism for those who would like to offer it.

    Thanks guys

    SSS Researcher

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The website we want criticized is

  3. In future, you should probably post such things to the self-promotion forum.

  4. Thank you raincoaster. We understand where you are coming from, but we don't think its suitable for the self-promotion forum; judging by the title. Actually, we are looking for the criticism and advice of wordpressers rather than readers.

    We can't even get the posts on the homepage to come one after the other.

    SSS researcher
    (Btw, WE are actually an I, WE only say WE so its not all about ME, ME, ME)

  5. It's definitely not suitable for the Technical Support Forum. Yes, it will be moved.

  6. OK, now that I looked through the forum headers more precisely, I can post this differently. Thanks.

  7. "what the hell is shocking about that really I ask you"

    This is about the 'washing yourself with blood' question.

  8. Topic is not of great interest to me.
    Visually not very appealing and slightly confusing.
    Doesn't get me interested/drawn into in the topic since it is just links and not personal.

  9. Oh, and on the subject of "is it shocking?" Not really for me. More of the same I've been hearing out your community for a long time. Others may disagree.

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