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Critique? Comments? Suggestions?

  1. Hello, my name is Adam Hunt and I am a freelance photographer. I'v tried several various locations for a website/blog and believe I'v found the best place, right here!! This is what I'v done so far: - If anyone has any suggestions, way's I can improve, what works, what doesn't work, critique, anything... Please let me know!! I'd do the same for you, it's what makes this community so awesome! I thank you in advance, hope to hear your thoughts, discussions, and than will thank you again I'm sure! Regards, Adam.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yeah I saw that only after I posted. I don't know though it's pretty contraversial so I won't get into much. I'll just state I could care less about promoting this thing aswell as traffic views. Just genuinely looking for some solid critique from someone else who actually uses WordPress. Alright though, thanks Leetgamer. Didn't mean to come off the way I did. Cheers homie


    Lots of tips to be a successful blogger there.

    Good luck

  4. Ahem. Leetgamer is not a mod.

  5. So what ? Lots of people try to help others even if they're not a mod.

    Got a problem with that ? Still the same old smartass wanting peace, when he's provoking others.

  6. laptop - yee i realized that when it said "member" under his username but thanks for the heads up altho to be blunt it doesn't make a difference. i'd treat a member the same as a mod.

  7. There's nothing wrong with asking for tips or suggestions on how to improve your blog. This is very different from simply saying "check out my blog". Then again, I do highly recommend you do a search of the forum, and look at other thread that have asked for suggestions and take steps from there.

  8. Thanks, I will do that for sure next time. :)

  9. Adam, you are an incredible photographer. I'd do a custom header with one of your photos. B

  10. I'm typing on a laptop I normally don't use and this one is super sensitive, it sent before I was ready...anyway maybe the picture from this post

  11. thanks bats. i am already using a custom header and im digging it right now because it's more of a lifestyle shot, which is really what i shoot most of besides the action. i agree though that shot in that post is pretty dope not to sound cocky or anything... hmmm... you gave me some thinking to do. thank you!!

  12. thanks bats. i am already using a custom header and im digging it right now because it's more of a lifestyle shot, which is really what i shoot most of besides the action. i agree though that shot in that post is pretty dope not to sound cocky or anything... hmmm... you gave me some thinking to do. thank you!!

  13. ^^^ weird how that happened....

  14. Like the blog adam. Here's a tip: Make sure that your username leads to your blog when people click on it.

    @Leetgamer. A member is no different than a mod, but you were basically telling adam to "get out" and not to post something like that here.

    Remember All users

    A Forum is a place where people interact and ask for opinions. So there's nothing wrong with me making a thread asking for an opinion of my blog. Anyway, starting a discussion in the "Rate my Blog" Thread would not allow other users to get thier blogs rated.

  15. Like the header Adam, it wasn't there when I looked the first time. Great work!

  16. @laptopmemo- leetgamer was only helping. I don't see how he was telling Adam to get out.

  17. @laptopmemo I've seen a lot of threads between you and leetgamer going back and forth and decided to say something about it today enough is enough. so don't hijack threads to start arguments with leetgamer,

    Forum Mod,

  18. I agree with you teck. Just talking about this is preventing the author of this thread to get opinions for his blog.

  19. thanks laptop, i'll get on that asap, i'v meant to but haven't yet. thanks for the reminder!

    @toastertheparamore... thanks for 'backing' me but people need to realize the more they state their different opinions on such topics the more that is also provoking other's to reply to such a topic, which is still off topic... opinion - to each his/her own. i have no beef between leetgamer nor do i with laptop, 'nuff said. hopefully that part can be dropped now and no further discussions based on that will appear below this.

    thanks to those who took their time and gave what i asked for, i appreciate it always. cheers!

  20. Yeah teck I think I'm gonna abstain from this one.

    Although adam, there's a theme specifically designed for photo blogs. Don't you like that one more ? Forgot what it's called.

  21. It's the Monotone I only know it because I have a blog that I have hidden for photos but haven't had the gumption to work on it lately.

  22. prettierinpink

    Bats0711 and gumption doesn't work, I think that that is absurd, go for it girl, go on give it a whirl, you really should be heard...

    Love ya Carole xxx

  23. @Adam- You're welcome. laptopmemo and leetgamer fight a lot. Like t3ck said, it's got to stop. Anyways, great photos! I really like your blog.

  24. Toaster, you have a reputation for sticking your nose another's pot. That's got to stop too.

    It's not my fault either. He's the one starting flame wars.

  25. @Carole...oh I have a blog that I post to regularly, the one linked to my name...I'm heard from that one. The pic one is pretty much that, pictures. I made it in a manic moment and now that the manic moment is gone I'm not up to working on it. I'll get it organized and everything one day, this day just isn't the one. Thanks.

  26. Like leetgamer said, you keep on sticking your toast into our arguments. LOL!

  27. This is not an after school special. You all are still relatively new bloggers and I would really recommend you work building your brand. I believe T3ck has a post about that subject. Also, build up a base of blogger friends based on your blog's subject. Work on getting mentioned on popular websites, raise your PR, increase the amount of results on the Google search engine when people search your name. Anything but constantly come here to work out your drama, this is not any of yours thread so don't hijack it. btw, some of this could also be advice for Adam.

  28. Here is the Article link Mentioned by aw1923 --> How To Make a Brand For Your Self On The Internet

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