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Critique my blog?

  1. Hey everyone. :)

    I just started this blog to post my writing, thoughts, and such.

    Could anybody out there critique my blog or give me some advice?

    Thanks. :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't do blog evaluations free of charge. Here's a helpful post

  3. Thank you. :) That helped quite a lot.

  4. It's great. To make it greater, add some images. If you haven't any of your own, look at Creative Commons for ones that have a copyright that's okay. (ie, don't take them from Google).

  5. Thanks for the tip. :)

  6. roughseasinthemed

    Well written. Thirteen? Seen far worse from people much much much older than you. Bit introspective for my taste but that's just a personal opinion. If that is what you are going for with your English project it looks fine to me.

  7. I hadn't realised you're thirteen. In that case your writing is astoundingly good! Well done.

  8. Thank you guys so much for your comments. :)

  9. roughseasinthemed

    * um - am not a guy *

  10. notadamselindistress, there you go! Hahaha. I won't take any credit for the good reviews you have. Like I said in our class before, never lose the passion for writing even if you aren't treading the path of a professional fictionist. You have what it takes and you keep on inspiring people. =)

  11. Really, Really great Post. If I were selecting for "Freshly Pressed" you would win, hands down.

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