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    i dont see any cropping tool after i upload a new photo for the header. How can i crop my picture as i want to, then?



    Are you uploading a pre-sized image of the correct size



    It says that an image of the correct size will be used “as-is” but it still takes you to the crop page but does not allow any cropping, of course, nor will it display. I’ve tried this with both a correctly-sized AND an overlarge picture. Neither allows me to crop and neither will display at all. Something definately appears to be broken.



    Yeah, I just posted the exact same problem to a new forum thread — perhaps it’s a WP snafu?

    Good Luck


    First time i did it, i uploaded a normal sized pic (larger than what is required) and it allowed me to adjust part of the pic i want to crop, with the adjustable border-blinking box. And when i wanted to did it again, that adjustable ox did not appear..


    I’m having the same problem as described above. I also noticed that images appear in Explorer but not in Firefox. Is anyone else having this problem?



    Key Master mark says:

    We have a problem with the cropper which is being worked on – sorry.

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