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Cropping photos for posts

  1. Sorry - dumb and dumber must be my name - I have just changed over to wordpress from typepad and LOVE it but have tried and tried to post and add a photo - but can't seem to crop the image whist posting. Do I have to crop before adding the photo? Typepad allowed you to upload the photo and crop accordingly.


  2. I think these links contain information you need to check out
    re-sizing images
    maximum sizes for each theme
    wordpress resources

  3. You have to crop before uploading. There's a cropper on the avatar uploader. Maybe sending in a feedback from your dashboard with this suggestion may give the staff the idea to move it over.


  4. If you want a free image editor to crop your images before upload them, I recommend you The Gimp, it's free and there are a lot of tutorials to lrarn it.


    Cool Photo Shop-esque website that'll crop and host images.

  6. The Gimp is powerful and full-featured, but takes some learnin'. For typical purposes I just use Irfanview. It's easy and quick to learn and is usually all I need

  7. If you host your images in a (free) Photobucket account, there is an option to re-size uploaded images.

    I also use Infranview (free). An image viewer/editor which allows image re-sizing as well. Not animated gif.'s though.

  8. thanks all - will look into all the suggestions.

  9. Just trying a move from Blogger, and my initial feelings are that Blogger is so much easier. It crops automatically, allowing you the choice of three different sizes. I don't have a problem cropping, I'm fine with Photoshop, just seems a lot of work, having to enter sizesetc, etc Since importing stuff here, I have writing all over the photos, Blogger seems so much more intuitive, it´s a doddle! Is it worth sticking with WordPress, will it be worth the steep (for me!)learning curve?

  10. You can do a lot more with WordPress than you can do with Blogger. Plus if you get stuck, you have a support forum here at Just don't get on Timethief's bad side. ;)

    *chuckle* Plus you won't be known for being a spammer is you're at Blogger. ;)

    It's really a personal choice.

  11. Just wanted to check - have been juggling with the irfanview thingey and it is coming along slowly (like all things when you learn a new system) but, I have scanned info and suggestions in the forums and I have a basic question (I think) to ask.

    What is a practical size to crop photos to?

    Most forums answers seem to deal with the size of the image (profile image) or the size of the banner....but I can't seem to work out a happy medium.

    The photos I did manage to post recently ended up reasonable but when I clicked on them they stayed smaller.

    I would so appreciate the advice.


  12. Hi there,
    There is no "standard" size so to speak. Here's a link to the maximum sizes for each theme that will be helpful

    But the primary consideration when it comes to image sizes is how long it takes the page(s) to load.

    About 25-30 % of readers are on dial-up and paying for service according to their online time. Posting thumbnails that are linked to off-line free storage of the originals with flickr or photobucket or zooomr is a good choice that gives readers an option as to whether or not to click to see the image at full size.

    As you are new I'd like to bring this thread containing the basic resources to your attention
    P.S. I do not have a "bad side". However, my inner child is a "pink witch," and she's a real handful. *lol*

  13. Actually you don't need to crop. WordPress has an automated feature where it will create a thumbnail on the fly and link to the full size picture. That a look at the FAQ on the subject to see if it makes sense to you.

    Hope this helps,

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