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Cross-pollination of categories between blogs

  1. Hi,

    I seem to be having a support post each day at present :-o.

    I have two blogs (business-related) and (not business-related) - the former is linked to the user ID I am using to post this, the latter to a second user ID.

    However, both blogs were originally allocated to the one ID I am posting under here and I had them surgically separated by WordPress after getting some advice on here.

    I now use this ID for the business blog and my other ID for the non-business one, which is fine and works great.

    However, I have just noticed that categories from my business blog, e.g. "business intelligence" or "cultural change" have started appearing in the lists on my non business blog (alongside "rock climbing"). Now this is not the biggest of deals, I don't have any posts using this categories on my non-business blog, so they don't appear anywhere on the site, but I do have some redundant options clogging up my dashboard. I'm loth to delete them lest they get deleted from my business blog as well (speaking of which I had better go check that rock climbing and mountain biking categories have not appeared on my business blog).

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    All the best


  2. Posting this from my other ID (I have slight schizophrenia - and a headache).

    I don't have any categories from my non-business blog (this one) on my business blog (the one in the first post), just the other way round.

    Then this ID was never associated with my business blog, whereas my business ID was the original owner of the non-business blog (until I asked WordPress to stop it being and administrator).

    Hope that helps

    Peter's other personality

  3. I have to say Peter, that on your personal blog, I don't see either of the categories you've mentioned, "business intelligence" or "cultural change", in the category drop down list in the sidebar. Should I be looking somewhere else for them?

  4. Hi ,

    Thanks for taking an interest :-).

    They have no posts associated with them (even I would struggle to relate rock climbing and business intelligence - though I have tried) and so don't appear as categories on the actual site. However, when I write a new post I have all my business categories as well as the non-business ones. As I said, it isn't the biggest of deals, just rather odd. I'm pretty sure that they weren't there recently and I have been operating the two blogs in tandem for quite a while.

    I'd mostly like to know a) why they appeared and b) whether I'm OK to delete them without impacting my other blog.

    Peter (personality #1)

  5. BTW this is the forum thread that related to my blog's divorce: -

  6. Ah, now I understand. They show up as Categories in the Write Editor?

    Any chance you use those 2 categories in your Dashboard's Tag Surfer on your business blog? That would make it show up in the Posting Categories. (One of my pet peeves since forever.)

  7. Sorry, confusion. Rewinding.

    Any chance you use those 2 categories in your Dashboard's Tag Surfer on your PERSONAL blog? That would make it show up in the Posting Categories. (One of my pet peeves since forever.)

  8. Hmm... possible that I got confused with which blog I was surfing from - I'll go and check that out thanks :-)

  9. Well I managed to delete the rogue tags from while leaving them intact on and your suggestion seems plausible. However it seems a pretty bizarre "feature" that adding stuff in the tag surfer does this. Oh well.

    Thanks for the assistance :-).

  10. You're welcome.

    I find it totally annoying to have these Tag Surfer tags show up as Categories in our list of Post Categories. That's why I don't use the Tag Surfer very often myself and once I'm done surfing, I delete the tag.

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