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Cross posting to/from LiveJournal

  1. I've just imported my LiveJournal but would like to keep it running whilst only posting to one location.

    Is it possible to
    a) Post to LiveJournal, and have the post replicate here; or
    b) Post here, and have the post replicate to LJ?

    The latter would be my preference

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Duplicating content on the web is a bad idea as far as the search engines go. They will see the duplicate content and the search engine ranking for each site will take a big hit because they will be competing against each other for the attention of the search engines.

    There is no way to cross-post. All you could do is copy/paste.

    Still, bad idea.

  3. My reaction to the search engines is basically "meh".

    The motivation is primarily to ensure that those who read me on LJ can continue to do so whilst being independent of the DDoS that LJ is prone to.

    Also there are still people posting on LJ that I'll want to read there.

  4. Copy/paste.

  5. I have also seen clone sites suspended for Terms of Service violation - WordPress.COM likes original content not copy clone sites -

  6. Do you have major ideological objections to heading to dreamwidth instead? I say this because a) they make it much easier to import from and crosspost to lj than they do here, and b) you don't have to learn a whole new way of doing things. is geared towards public-facing blogs for people who care about search engine rankings and stats; it wouldn't be my choice for a personal or fan journal, and most of the people I know who tried to switch here from lj ended up drifting back because they never felt at home here.

  7. staff have said in the past they will suspend sites here that are just clones of other sites unless they are set to Private.

  8. The hilarious thing is that livejournallers don't give a crap about what Google thinks of them (if they did, they would hardly be on lj) and you are going to have a tough time explaining to them that they have no right to repost their own content on their own blog.

    Really, is just a horrendously bad fit for livejournal refugees and they are much better off heading to dreamwidth or even insanejournal.

  9. I research and write for a living and I despise those who feel the need to duplicate their content. I cheered loud and long when Google introduced the Panda algorithm because it's aimed at removing duplicate content from the SERPs.

  10. But livejournallers are not interested in search engines, and many choose to block them entirely. The majority of livejournals are personal rants and ramblings which are of zero commercial interest to anyone, and the only reason people choose to cross post is in order to maintain contact with existing readers who will stop reading them if they abandon LJ entirely. (It's like abandoning your facebook and expecting all of your facebook friends to follow you over to twitter instead; not going to happen.)

    I used to cross post between my livejournal and a self-hosted wordpress blog and it never crossed my mind to equate that with splogging. In fact, there was a popular .org plugin named LivePress which would automatically update your livejournal at the same time as your wordpress blog, and nobody ever suggested that this was a terrible thing which would inevitably be used for nefarious purposes. After all, no splogger with half a brain would touch livejournal with a bargepole; the SEO is shocking and their permalinks involve random numbers.

    Argh. I'm sorry, it just boggles my mind that thinks it's ok to repost other people's content to your heart's content, but repost your own, even with search engine indexing disabled, and you're automatically a spammer.

  11. Okay, okay now I have a clear picture of LJ blogs and know why I don't read any lol :D

  12. Yeah, as others have said, isn't the best place for cross-posting livejournal content. If you don't have the money to self-host, and you don't want to cross-post to another site using livejournal's software, I would say to check with blogger/blogspot*; although, from what I can see crossposting is allowed there. You would just need to find a away to import** and then cross-post**, from a technical perspective. You might be able to use desktop client**** to crosspost.

    (*) Links here:

  13. I don't understand why you'd have a LJ, which has amazing privacy protection, and then break that protection by cross-posting.

  14. *shrug* People have different reasons for starting a blog, regardless of where it's hosted. For example, I use to maintain a private blog with a friend; I could email, but this way we ensure that everything's archived for the two of us, and looks "pretty". I use LJ for reading fanfiction. Not because LJ has good privacy protection, but because the fandoms I'm a part of are most active on LJ, and because "LJ communities" help fanartists network.

    The OP seems to have a lot of reviews (anime, books, etc) on his wordpress blog. [I'm assuming that's the LJ account he just imported.] Maybe privacy isn't a big concern for him.

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