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    I have another blog that I would like to cross post a number of posts from another blog. Do I have to do this manually for each post or is there a way to select the ones I want to cross post and do it en mass? Obviously, it will be very tedious to do the former.

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to the blog that you are talking about.



    I have posts at There are several I would like to post over at Can I do this without having to manually copy and paste each one separately?


    It would require copy and paste, but there is one thing you should think about. When search engines see duplicate content on the web, they will discount the page rank and search engine placement of all blogs involved. That is because they suspect a splogs (spam blogs). They will literally toss you into the basement.

    On the other blog, what I suggest is that you writing an introduction to the post and use the reblog feature here, or just write the introduction and then include a link to the post on the other blog.





    You’re welcome.

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