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    Hi. I’d like to have posts my livejournal account also show up here on wordpress. Is that possible?

    I’ve found lj import instructions, and a lot of instructions to crosspost from WordPress to livejournal, but not the other way around. Any help?

    (to explain the situation in more detail: basically, I share a livejournal with a group of friends, and I want us to migrate to wordpress, but to ease the transition, I’d like lj posts to show up here. If any members are resistant to the change, they can keep using lj but the rest of us can read their content here on wordpress.)



    You need to be aware of this, as it will effect your entire group blog at Livejournal if you do this:


    For some strange reason in the last two days I’ve had a barrage of people arriving on my blog from livejournal, but when I check out their link, I see no reason for it.



    re: Raincoaster- thanks for the tip- I assume you were drawing my attention to the search engine ranking issue?

    It doesn’t affect this situation, though. The group blog is private; just a way for friends who are scattered across the country to keep in touch. So rankings are irrelevant, of course.

    It’s good to know for future reference, though. Thanks.

    so, back to: any tips on how to do this?


    Copy and paste.



    You want to post stuff from a Private blog into a public one? Do you have the permission of all the members to do this? Or are both blogs to be private?

    Copy and paste is the only way, particularly as LJ’s privacy settings are the most rigorous in the online world as far as I’ve seen. Be aware that the contents of each post are copyright the original bloggers.



    Both would be private, and the other bloggers would definitely know about it.

    It would just be a matter of convenience- we have regular posters who would definitely switch over for the better features here at wordpress, but there are also those who only post once every few months, and I suspect they wouldn’t feel like switching their bookmarks and logins, and would prefer to stay posting at lj.

    but it looks like copy and paste is the only option. i guessed it was something like that, now I have a definite answer. Thanks.

    I probably won’t bother with it; not worth disrupting a group that’s functioning okay as is. But thanks for the answer!

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