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  1. Ever since I puchased the $15 upgrade so that I could edit my CSS, my website has been displaying differently.

    Every new theme I try to add, when it previews I love it, but then it doesn't look right.

    For example, right now I'm using PressRow on my website, (hosted on WordPress).

    If there is anything you can do to help me, it will be much appreciated!

  2. could it be that you did not erase what css editing you have done previously?
    dashboard -> presentation -> edit css
    then select all, erase it and save it.

  3. masterclasslady

    Yes, but save it to a word document in case you may want to use the CSS code again.

  4. Every theme's CSS is slightly different, and typically the CSS customizations you do for one will not work completely well with another.

  5. I just looked at your blog and setting the custom css issue aside your blog does need staff intervention. It appears that when you activated the new theme the switch did not work correctly.

  6. sulz and masterclasslady are correct before contacting support.

  7. @Mark
    Please take a look at my blog
    I do not have the css upgrade and have not touched it.
    I simply switched themes and click "activate this theme".
    The switch did not work properly. The result looks much like what the blogger above is experiencing on his blog.

  8. The theme I tried to switch from was Misty Look. The theme I'm trying to switch to is The Journalist. Unfortunately the background behind the posts and sidebar is black in colour, rather than white, and the text cannot be discerned but not really seen.

  9. That is definitely not looking right....does it look different if you send it back to the original theme or another theme?


  10. I can switch it other theme successfully but not to The Journalist.

  11. I reported my blog's problem to staff via support ticket.

  12. Barry fixed my blog. The problem was the table from MyBlogLog in a text widget. It was too wide for the sidebar in this theme but not in other themes. Now that I removed it and put the widget back all is well. YAY! for Barry. :)

  13. Good!

  14. I have a question - perhaps the CSS gurus can help. I added a little background image to the upper right side of my blog for Christmas. When I'm logged in, the image is a bit too high - it actually is partially covered by the WP bar. But when I'm logged out, it is in perfect position.

    Any ideas how I can keep it properly positioned for both circumstances?


  15. Actually, we are hijacking the OP's thread. Maybe start a new one and leave this for his problems!


  16. The OP now has the Benevolence theme on his blog and the problem he had before seems to be resolved.

  17. Vivian,

    You added the image background to the body tag. Remove the background-image from there and try this instead:

    #container {background: #fff url('') top right no-repeat;}


  18. devblog - thanks so much. That worked perfectly!

    Trent - sorry - didn't mean to hijack the thread.

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