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    I can’t find the css file in my free Chateau theme? I need to change line height.
    Thanks, Mike

    The blog I need help with is feralbulb.wordpress.com.


    I used built in browser tools by right-clicking on a paragraph in your blog and selecting the “Inspect Element” option to see the HTML and all of the CSS that applies to what I clicked on. I found that the line-height is set in the Chateau theme with CSS like this:

    .post-entry p,
    .post-entry li,
    .post-entry dt,
    .post-entry dd,
    .comment-text p,
    .comment-text li,
    .comment-text dt,
    .comment-text dd {
        line-height: 180%;

    Paste that into your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor and update the percentage value to make a change to your blog’s line height.

    Often, using the the browser tools is better, but you can also still access the theme’s original CSS by looking at the page source and finding the CSS reference in the header. Last, there is one final option which is to click “Edit” next to “Mode: Add-on” in the Publish box on your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page. Note that you should not copy and paste the entire stylesheet from there into your editor—we’re trying to prevent people from doing that as it’s prone to breaking things if you’re not sure what you’re doing.


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