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CSS accordion

  1. greenesrelease

    hi there,

    I found a wonderful html and css accordion that even looks like the one in my old site that I am migrating to

    However, it won't display the accordion. Any suggestions to fix? I am using the Candela theme.

    The accordion and code is here:
    My test site is

    Thanks in advance.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Janet, the HTML you reference needs the input HTML tag, and that is not allowed here at You can read more on the allowed HTML here.

  3. greenesrelease

    ahhhhh that is why!

    Thank you so much for explaining that mr happiness engineer.

    Do you know of anything like an accordion that I can use here at wordpress? It is a big part of my site than i am transferring to

  4. Can you explain what you are wanting to accomplish? Or perhaps a link to your site where you have this and I can take a look.

  5. mr happiness engineer,

    Here are a couple of page examples. The accordions are used to make huge pages easier to see because all the headings are visible without the clutter of lots of information.

    Thanks for your help..


  6. Thanks for the links. Unfortunately I do not know of a way to do an accordion such as on those pages here at

    About all I could offer, would be the Read More tag, which would hide some of the text from the Posts (blog) page. The Read More tag will not work on pages, but you could use the Next Page tag for those.

  7. greenesrelease

    thank you so much for your help happiness engineer...

    have a happy day

  8. You are welcome.

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