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CSS and Appearance Differences in Safari v. Firefox

  1. I thought I removed the borders from the widgets in my blog (I'm very novice, so I use the "inspect element" feature in safari), but when I check the blog in Firefox the borders are still on my images. What could I be missing?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Since there is no official Staff support for the CSS upgrade, and precious little Volunteer support, I recommend that you consult tutorials found here > and read this article > consult tutorials found here > while waiting for a Volunteer to help you.

    Here at all CSS editing is theme specific and we cannot use the CSS stylesheets from other themes. Provideing the URL for the blog in question so the Volunteers can see what you have done, and become aware of which theme you are editing would be a good thing to do. :)

  3. We need a link to your blog or the name of the theme you're using in order to help you as the CSS would be different for each theme.

  4. Sorry, it is the theme Bueno and the blog is

  5. There are borders around the images you have in your sidebar. You can remove them with this code:

    #sidebar img {border:0;}

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