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CSS Asides

  1. body.home div.category-asides * {

    body.home div.category-asides h2.entry-title,body.home div.category-asides div.entry-date,body.home div.category-asides span.entry-author,body.home div.category-asides span.entry-category,body.home div.category-asides span.metasep {

  2. Add that to your stylesheet and any post in the Asides category will have a more compact look when viewed on the home page.

  3. Nice, Andy! Thanks for sharing the code. And remember, you could do this with any category. Just replace "asides" with your category of choice.

  4. Only smart people will understand. *sigh*

  5. The process of understanding is what makes you smart, not the other way around. *grin*

  6. @nosy -

    the second part of what he posted breaks down like this:

    body.home - we only want to hide titles on the front page. the single page will ignore this stuff, because it will have a different body class (the stuff after the period)

    div.category-asides - this part singles out the category named asides. you could change this to 'dailies', or anything you want. just name your category appropriately.

    h2.entry-title, - this is the element we want to hide. this one is the title of the entry. the comma means that we're going to do the same thing to the next element in our list.

    { display:none; } - this 'turns off' everything in our comma seperated list.

    as far as the first part of what he posted....
    yeah, andy, what does that do? ;)
    that asterisk scares me. is that a wildcard?

  7. I'm learning by immersion so thanks for the explanation kamel. I figure if I keep dog-paddling near the shore and observing the swimmers and coaches I may eventually be able to swim in the open cyber sea and even custom build myself an island. ;) lol

  8. The first part prevents the browser from displaying paragraphs as stacked blocks. That rule ensures the "Comments (5)" text follows the paragraph without a line break.

    Please note that your post should only contain one paragraph. Multiple paragraphs will be made to run together.

    Line breaks <br /> will are not affected. You can still use them to break lines in these asides.

  9. How would you space break up asides or add a graphic like the >> or something?

    Any ideas?

  10. body.home div.category-asides .entry-content {<br /> border-top: #ccc 1px dashed;<br /> }
    would give you a dashed line above each aside.
    not sure how to get the ยป as text. since i'm a photoshp geek, i'd just make a cool symbol and add it as a background image. andy probably has some amazing trick for adding it that doesn't involve ::before

  11. Yeah, I had already figured out how to put lines in. Can't figure how to seperate the asides before witha symbol or something.

    Plus to put some spacing between asides. They run together :(

  12. sunburntkamel, I'd avoid :before and :after but I wouldn't have a better way to do it than you said: padding and background image.

  13. cool idea!

  14. "andy"...why should ":before" and ":after" be avoided?

  15. I'm not andy, but as I understand things, I think the "danger" (if you can call it that), is that:

    "Conforming HTML user agents may ignore all rules with :first-line or :first-letter in the selector, or, alternatively, may only support a subset of the properties on these pseudo-elements." (per: )

    It's OK for browsers to ignor of somewhat ignore pseudo elements. Often times with them it doesn't much matter... things just look not quite as fancy. But if it really matters to you, you should try to find another way.

  16. Cool!

    I'm going to have to try this.

    I've been posting a linkblog type entry once a week... I may make it more frequent with asides.

  17. if you use daily delicious postings, you can just use div.category-delicious instead of asides. :D

  18. Related question: anyone know how to exclude a tag from showing up in a feed? IE: if I tag these things with "aside" how do I prevent them from showing up in my feed? I don't want to spam my feed readers.

    I thought Feedburner supported excluding posts that matched certain strings but I couldn't find anything exact about it on their site.

  19. i'm not aware of any way to do it, through feedburner or otherwise (on

  20. i'll probably just go with tagging everything that ISN'T an aside with something else and then using that category feed for my feedburner.


    That was painless. Because of how my blog is organized I already had a suitable category that every non-aside post was part of.

    When I switch FeedBurner it didn't even mark all the old posts as unread or anything. Sweet.

  21. So I'm doing asides via the daily post, you can check it out at

    They don't get sent out to my RSS subscribers.

    I may post a complete walk through later if people would like to see one.

  22. Only annoying part. I'm using Next Post / Previous Post navigation on my blog and the asides show up.

    Not that big of a deal, but it would be nice to have real asides where they don't show up as posts.

  23. real asides work that way too. unless you do some super heavy query_posts coding.

  24. Thanks for the correction. This is as good as it gets then :)

  25. talkingbaseball

    I just paid for the CSS customization in order to enable this Asides feature. I've put the code in the CSS Stylesheet Editor, saved, wrote a post under the Asides category heading....and nothing happened. Anyone know what's going on?

    Blog's at Second Ave. Sagas

  26. Perhaps sunburntkamel or drmike can respond to this. Please be patient waiting until they get to you.

  27. talkingbaseball

    Thanks, timethief. I won't be impatient. I've been around these parts since nearly the beginning; I know how it works :)

  28. {sending you a big smile} :)

  29. @talking baseball-

    this technique only works with the sandbox (the sandbox applies the category name as a class, no other theme does).

    since you're using k2, you can go use a sandbox version of k2:
    (you'll have to replace the images in that CSS with the k2 images in your current theme, as well as your header).

  30. Gotta admit that I don't even now what an aside it. :(

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