CSS change showing in Chrome, but not other browsers (Firefox an Explorer)

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    I’ve been helping a friend make changes to her business blog, which can be viewed here:


    She purchased the CSS update, and everything looked great in Chrome. But when we look at it in other browsers, the widget titles (Upcoming Events, etc.), are gray and not the desired brown. That’s the only thing that isn’t showing up correctly

    What we can we do to make sure the color change is seen on all browsers?



    First, how cool that you’re helping a friend with her business blog! I love that!

    Also, that is an odd CSS issue! Can you please have your friend try the following?

    Go to Appearance > Customize > CSS editor, delete the following CSS block and save the changes:

    .site-main .widget-area h1.widget-title, .navigation-main h1.widget-title, .navigation-main ul ul h1.widget-title, .menu-toggle h1.widget-title, .main-small-navigation ul.nav-menu.toggled-on h1.widget-title, .sticky .entry-title:before h1.widget-title, .site-footer h1.widget-title, #social-networks a h1.widget-title {

    That rule looked long to me and I’m not sure what some of the selectors were trying to do. Add the following rule instead:

    #secondary .widget-title a,
    .widgettitle {
    	color: #3f1c08;

    Let me know if that doesn’t fix the problem.



    Thank you so, so much! That took care of it!


    Great! Thanks for helping your friend with WordPress. That’s really nice of you! :)

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