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CSS changes affecting every theme

  1. masterclasslady

    Hi there:

    I am using the "CUTLINE" theme and opted for the CSS upgrade. I haven't really done too much with the CSS format for this theme, as I am really new to CSS. I just changed font and background colors.

    However the problem: When I try to access the other themes for my blog in an effort to perhaps change themes at some point, the CSS configuration for the "CUTLINE" theme stays intact - with the new color background etc.

    Also, the layout of the blog for the other themes is all over the place - side bar widgets are at the bottom center of the page, after the main blog and all the graphic elements are poorly aligned.

    I didn't have this problem BEFORE I made the small changes to the CUTLINE theme.

    Any suggestions as to why this is happening?

    Thank you in advance.


  2. masterclasslady

    Can someone assist me here? Why do the CSS changes I made to "Cutline" theme affect the other themes?

  3. MCLady - I'm sorry, I have no idea. I think your best bet would be to send feedback into the staff and see if they can assist you.


  4. as far as i know, that's the way it's supposed to work. you're not making changes to cutline, you're adding extra stuff after the cutline styling.

    for testing other themes it's usually best to just make a new blog, (e.g. ), and just do your theme switching there. then, when you find something you want to switch to, make a backup, and then delete everything in the edit css field.

  5. Yup, that's they way it's supposed to work.

    The CSS you've added is independent of the theme.

    Save it to a file on your computer and empty the CSS field if you want to test themes.

  6. masterclasslady

    Oh, I see. Okay I will investigate this later on this evening. Thanks for your help everyone.

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