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    Hi there:

    I am using the “CUTLINE” theme and opted for the CSS upgrade. I haven’t really done too much with the CSS format for this theme, as I am really new to CSS. I just changed font and background colors.

    However the problem: When I try to access the other themes for my blog in an effort to perhaps change themes at some point, the CSS configuration for the “CUTLINE” theme stays intact – with the new color background etc.

    Also, the layout of the blog for the other themes is all over the place – side bar widgets are at the bottom center of the page, after the main blog and all the graphic elements are poorly aligned.

    I didn’t have this problem BEFORE I made the small changes to the CUTLINE theme.

    Any suggestions as to why this is happening?

    Thank you in advance.



    Can someone assist me here? Why do the CSS changes I made to “Cutline” theme affect the other themes?



    MCLady – I’m sorry, I have no idea. I think your best bet would be to send feedback into the staff and see if they can assist you.



    as far as i know, that’s the way it’s supposed to work. you’re not making changes to cutline, you’re adding extra stuff after the cutline styling.

    for testing other themes it’s usually best to just make a new blog, (e.g. http://MCLtest.wordpress.com ), and just do your theme switching there. then, when you find something you want to switch to, make a backup, and then delete everything in the edit css field.



    Yup, that’s they way it’s supposed to work.

    The CSS you’ve added is independent of the theme.

    Save it to a file on your computer and empty the CSS field if you want to test themes.


    Oh, I see. Okay I will investigate this later on this evening. Thanks for your help everyone.

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