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CSS changes significantly between FF and IE

  1. So, I've been using Firefox for a few years now, and I upgraded to the custom CSS on last year and configured the custom CSS on my blog. Just recently I opened up my blog for the first time using Internet Explorer and for some reason the fonts are all out of whack, sometimes being abnormally large in the body text, and other times being abnormally small in other areas such as in the widgets. For some reason this seem to be particularly problematic on the main page of the blog, although when you click on an individual post then the CSS kicks in and everything appears normal.

    I spent the past couple of hours messing with the CSS and trying different fonts and changing various settings, but for some reason I can't seem to figure out how to fix this problem. Is this just a fundamental issue between FF and IE that cannot be resolved, or is there something that I should be doing in order to allow IE to display the text properly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link to my blog:

  2. It's a sad fact that FF and IE render CSS differently, let alone the different versions of IE or other browsers. Making too much of CSS means that you will probably have to redesign your site for every new version of every browser. I'm not a CSS master, but I suspect you will get a better answer in a CSS forum or on CSS-related websites.

  3. Bummer.

  4. My design is a big mess too on IE. But I've been warned (by studying various WordPress themes' stylesheet) that IE is stupid. So I ignore IE.

  5. Ignoring IE is a bad idea - even if I wish it was possible. You ignore 50% of users, then.
    Of course it depends on how messed up your site is in IE.

    There are workarounds for most things, but you might have to hunt for it. It is normal to make two stylesheets - one for IE and one for every other browser. Since this is not possible here at wordpress, it is a question of hunting down the workarounds.
    I know, it sucks.

  6. IE needs a stylesheet that are clean as a whistle.
    I see you have some odd definitions, and you mix em and px like this
    margin: 2em 0 10px 5px;
    It may not be related, but I imagine IE would make a mess of that.

  7. Yes. It needs a big clean-up still.

  8. Just ignore IE and put a warning on your page that your blog looks the best in [insert browser name here]. Then hopefully they'll download the browser and come back to your blog. If not, well, that's just their idiotism (or n00bness).

  9. That is exactly what I should do.

  10. I've done it.

  11. It is not rocket science to get pages to work in all browsers with one stylesheet. Possibillities limited here at wordpress, of course, since we cannot access html or make two stylesheets.
    I am assuming the themes are a sound basis, and if you are consistent, validate your site and stay away from some of the cooler effects, it should be fine.

    I do not have IE as I am on a mac, but if I found a messed up blog that said "best viewed in nnn", I would not bother coming back. And over 50% of users use IE.

  12. If they love you, they'll come back.

  13. Hah! illution!
    ..sweet thought, though.

  14. Yeah, showing disdain for the majority of your potential visitors is a sure-fire winner....

  15. Just remember not every blogger gives similar answers to 'why do you blog?'.

    We're from different places, we see things from different directions.

    if they love you, they'll come backif they don't come back, then they love another.

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