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    Exploring the Structure theme for a new WP.com blog. I would upgrade to make some CSS changes. Unfortunately, my CSS knowledge is limited (resizing, color, fonts, padding, margins, etc) so any input would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Is it possible to “move” the body text (in the homepage mid section) to the left of the post image instead of below it? This would require eliminating the left sidebar and inserting CSS code to move the text to the left instead of inline below.

    2. If above is not possible, can I eliminate the postmeta box (summarizing the categories/tags) below the post text completely? I can remove space/padding etc, but don’t know how to eliminate that box totally.


    1. You can certainly hide the left sidebar easily enough, and the central post text will move over on its own to the left. You would then have to widen .homepagemid so that it filled in the new wider main content width.

    2. Getting rid of the grey box and categories info below the post is easily accomplished as well.



    If you invite me to view your blog (it is set to private at the moment) I can take a look and perhaps give you some sample code to try out with the CSS preview feature before you pay for the upgrade.



    thesacredpath and halluke,

    Thanks for your replies. I know just enough CSS (pecking w/ Firebug) to want to do more than I’m capable – sorry….

    1. By testing (not saving) I was able to “delete” (through Firebug) coding referencing sidebar info. Is this the best way to do it or is it better to add code to “hide” it.

    Next, when I delete sidebar, the home page mid image and text move together – can only get them separated by playing with “float” in the .homepagemid section of code but the text still remains underneath image – even playing with pixel width. I want them side-by-side (text in left side bar area and image remaining where it is (with appropriate size adjustments).

    I think the area of code to play with is .homepagemid and .homepagethumb – is this correct? Nothing else seems to affect this mid section.

    I opened up test blog but there’s only a bit of test stuff there at the moment. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated and helpful. Thanks….

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