CSS Chestnut – Well not quite

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    I understand I cant do custom CSS but at least lets have the ability to override some of the font details and columns sizes perhaps even picked from default values.

    Yeh I know, its another “can you just…..” from a user who pays nowt for your great service, but it would help those who want specific themes but struggle to read the font.

    Thanks for reading.



    Suggest it in feedback. I’m guessing it would need some coding to do, or at least to get something user friendly.



    Go ahead and suggest it if you must but on the other hand you could look closely at the real issues and develop some understanding. We here at wordpress.com are on a multi-user platform. If you were able to override the column sizes guess what – everyone would be effected so the kind of independant alteration you are seeking is not possible.

    However, you can still download wordpress themes for free from http://wordpress.org/ to your own server or have a webhost do it for you and then you can hack away and customize you own theme to suit you perfectly. Webhosting is not expensive check this http://wordpress.org/hosting/.

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