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    anyone have the css for the same (removing author & date from posts) for inuit theme?


    We need a link to the site you are talking about. The site linked to your username is using twenty eleven.



    Sorry, it’s universitycityhomes.Wordpress.Com



    proof that i am not as smart as my smart phone…
    here’s an actual link:


    This will do it for you.

    .date-comments .fl {
    display: none;


    ahhh, beautiful, thanks. very much appreciated.

    now onto what i REALLY want to do:
    if i want all of my posts to appear like featured posts (6 per page so doesn’t take forever to load), do i need to move over to .org where i can edit php, or is that doable with css?


    You are welcome.

    Go to settings > reading and you can set the number of posts per page there.


    Oh wait, you want all your posts to show as featured. The number of featured posts is set at appearance > theme options. The problem is if you set the number of posts at settings > reading to 1 (you can’t set it to 0), then when you navigate to previous pages using the “older” link at the bottom, there is only going to be one post per page shown.



    right, i want all posts to display like the featured image + title (none of those little thumbnails with blocks of text) with 6 or so per page. the whole thing in my head is a very photo-rich site, having those thumbnail posts is killing me. i’ve played with it and it seems like it just can’t be done with the regular settings. from my limited grasp of this stuff, i think i have to edit the page php, or something like that.just kinda hoping i’m way off base and it’s a few simple lines of css!


    No, it would require editing of the PHP, and with Inuit Types for self-hosted sites, that theme uses some very advanced PHP and wordpress theme coding and is sort of a pain to edit as a lot of it requires editing of functions rather than just editing page PHP. The page PHP files typically only consist of a few lines that call functions.


    Those posts underneath can be hidden via CSS, but if you have it set to show 6 then the 6 on the main page are not going to show up anywhere until they are pushed off the main page and onto the second main page.



    yeah, i always seem to dream bigger than my skills. thanks for the input!


    You are welcome.

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