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    New to CSS – purchased upgrade to increase size of images – went to CSS stylesheet editor – and I get a huge jumbled mess of CSS coding. All the tutorials I see have the codes listed/grouped together so it is easier to read and follow. Am I doing something wrong? Help please.


    Each author does CSS differently and calls things by different terms. Some stylesheets are a dream come true, and some are nightmares.

    My suggestion is to get something like the Firebug or Aardvark addons for Firefox. Both allow you to hover your mouse over elements of a displayed page and it will identify what controls it in the CSS. With Aardvark, it does it very simply with a tab that will appear at the element you hover over to identify what controls it. With Firebug, once you activate it, a menu bar will appear and the screen will split and you click on the “inspect” button and it will then allow you to highlight areas of a page, and then display the CSS in the lower split window (CSS on the right, HTML from the page on the left). With Firebug, you can also tryout temporary changes to the CSS to see the results immediately. Firebug has some peculiarities though and sometimes fails to identify things correctly, but once you sort of get used to it, you can make it work – at least I can.

    Another more advanced addon is web developer, which is incredibly powerful, but with a steeper learning curve. Still, I’m finding it more and more useful the more I use it.


    Another suggestion is when you get ready to apply your changes to the stylesheet, only include the changes that you are making, nothing else, and then select “add to existing stylesheet before saving. That has always worked best for me, and the changes you make will override those settings in the original stylesheet.

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