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    Hello all,

    I am quite confused here regarding being able to CSS coding on a free wordpress blog. I also have a paid blog and I have no problem uploading themes there and loading them on to the paid blog. However, that is going to end up as my business design blog so I do not want to continue changing the theme on the paid blog. Is there a way on the FREE blog to be able to change the blog to test my themes I have created?

    This is my free blog but I am just practicing on it to get the hang of the widgets and such: http://strosgirlsblogdesigns.wordpress.com/

    Thanks for the help.


    The blog I need help with is strosgirlsblogdesigns.wordpress.com.



    The themes we use at wordpress.COM on our free hosted blogs are adapted from wordpress.ORG templates. They are NOT the same.


    OK, so is there is no way to “test” the themes that I design for paid customers that have their own domain on a free wordpress.COM blog. Correct?



    You won’t be able to apply themes to a WP.COM blog. You can only change the CSS,not the php or any other aspect of a WP.com blog. Stuff for WP.com needs to be specifically designed for WP.com.

    Does that clarify?


    Yes, thank you. I guess I will have to buy another domain name to practice them because I do not know any other way to do it.



    No, not a domain name. There is no upgrade you can apply to a WP.com blog which will allow you to add external themes, other than the VIP upgrade which costs $1500 to set up and $600 per month.

    You will need to get an externally-hosted, non WP.com, WP blog. Find hosting and install the software and then you will not have the restrictions which apply here.

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