CSS – comments/notes – where did they go?

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    I havn’t updated my css in over a year since i was happy with how it looked until wordpress decided to change everything. with that change it appears all my notes/comments inside my css have also disappeared. I’m not great at css and it has taken me easily a few hundred hours to understand what does what and I made comments/notes within my css so I could understand it.

    They aren’t there. Can I get them back? Why did you do this wordpress :( ?


    CSS comments have never been saved in the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor at WordPres.com—nothing has changed recently for that. Making CSS comments work is on our todo list though!

    I’m not sure what other change you might be referring to, or were you just referring to CSS comments?



    I guess it has just been a while and I wanted to feel my way through some code and make some changes (I also use Cargo collective and there I have comments in my css). Please take a look at these questions if you have a moment!




    I’m working back through all the CSS questions I can find. :) Got both the ones you linked.



    Thank you so much! I havn’t had a chance to get to them, but I will by sunday! Thanks you.


    We’ve updated and CSS comments are now preserved in the WordPress.com CSS Editor.

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