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    I need help with the CSS content box margins for just a single page. (The page is not yet live because I’m still trying to put it together.)

    The template I am using is Big Brother.

    As of now, I have over three and a half inches of margin (on each side) in my full page template content box. Such wide margins are driving me batty. lol. Nothing I do seems to work, and I can’t find any CSS that just refers to the content box itself. Thank you!

    .page-id-1161 {

    Okay, I’ve done some research which will help. I just need help with the actual CSS code now on how to put it together. ?

    I think what I need to change is:

    div#content.site-content.clearfix | 844.8 x 943.36

    How would I code that for my specific page id (1161) and are those numbers the margins?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is aforgeofphoenix.com.


    Hi there, the content width is kept narrower for readabilty reasons. Generally it is best to keep the text-based content at 500-750 pixels in width, that is why there are the wider margins on left and right. The following custom CSS will widen the content area out to nearly the full width of the white area (less the right and left padding).

    .page-id-1161 .hentry {
    	max-width: 100%;


    I was just going to go in and putter with my menus when I saw you working on it. lol :D

    Thank you so much for helping me out with this.

    I will certainly go through and check the readability in both preview modes to make sure it’s working. The original CSS is something I can work my content around if things don’t work out. Have a great day!



    Is it okay for me to go back into the file that’s locked off? Thanks :)


    Sorry about that, if that happens, feel free to kick me off and take over. Sometimes I forget to close that tab in my browser.

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