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Css costum upgrade

  1. I already bought the Css costum upgrade for one of my blogs. I picked a different theme for another one, do I need to pay again if i want to optimize this the new theme?

  2. with css upgrade you can edit the css of all the themes at any time within the one year you've paid for.

  3. but why I canĀ“t see the Save Stylesheet on my new theme and got the message "you should buy the CSS Custom Upgrade to Save the changes"?

  4. Upgrades are per blog, not per user.

  5. The CSS upgrade is per blog. If you paid the upgrade for Blog A, it will work on Blog A only. The upgrade you bought won't be applied to other blogs you have.

  6. hmm, you said one of your blogs. if you're editing the css for the blog you've paid the upgrade for then there shouldn't be a problem. it's the other blog that you didnt buy the upgrade that you can't edit the css.

  7. ok. got it.

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