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    I am working hard to learn more and more about CSS and have upgraded to be able to edit CSS. Having said that, as a new CSSer I am a bit perplexed about the CSS format insofar as it concerns using images on your computer instead of an image location from the internet. Clearly in internet cases you use:

    background-image: url(‘.jpg”‘)

    So having said that, if I have an image that I have created in a graphic art program that I want to upload as my CSS Banner from a file on my computer and NOT from a URL, what do I do? Or am I getting myself too deep at this point? As mentioned, I am working on learning about CSS through a wonderful tutorial site at the moment. Thank-you to anyone/everyone that can assit in this barrier to my learning right now.



    First you would need to upload your image in wordpress (You must have used the upload image facility in wordpress posts – – this generates a unique url for image that has been uploaded)

    Copy this url and put it in the background-image url attribute of css.




    Thanks so much. It is quite easy for me to ask questions. But I appreciate the charity and sacrifice of time spent in answering others questions. Peace to you!

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