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  1. So, apart from the doubling of the price (or possibly more) what is the difference between the old CSS Upgrade and the new CSS Custom Design? Can I stay with my CSS Upgrade (I guess not).

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have flagged this thread so it gets moved to the Themes Forum. Themes Staff monitor the Themes Forum threads and answer questions there.

  3. Hello,
    Got a question...
    I pay (only have to do it One time at this time) for the CSS edit,
    without the using of Typekit etc, so I don't want to change
    the way I use to do things before your upgrade. Is it possible ???

  4. As far as I can tell, everyone who is already using the CSS upgrade just got screwed big-time and will have to pay twice the amount to renew when their year is up.

    I hope I'm wrong. If not, did you know that Dreamhost now includes all the free themes as part of their one-click WordPress install? They even have the link to at the bottom in case you feel homesick ;)

  5. @TGA, I got an email and everyone that currently has the CSS upgrade was automatically moved over to the custom design upgrade for the duration of their upgrade. The email also said that if you have automatic renewal active for your upgrades, then there is a coupon code that will automatically be applied to your next renewal that gives you 50% off, so your next renewal is still only $15. You have to have automatic renewal set up though.

  6. That's a relief. Well, not for the people without automatic renewal, but they're unlikely to stick around anyway.

  7. Premium themes don't work so here is the new business ?
    What's next ?

    Useless to announce you my disappointment :-/

  8. @xpozkam
    I assume you are referring to another free hosted free hosted blog because the one linked to your username is wearing a free theme ie. Choco. When you purchase a Premium Theme you get support form the theme designer in the Premium Themes Support Forum. The link appears here > Appearance > themes once the purchase has been made.

  9. @ timethief and people around

    Yes, I have the Chocolate free theme, since this morning, and yes I had subscribed to an option to modify the css only once for quite.
    But since today rules changed, and I suppose (except the "present" of discount 50 % for the renewal of the new imperative contract ^ _ ^) that there's not the simple possibility to have the choice to stay in the terms there which up before the update, for me and maybe others in same case, all was perfectly well ,for how no change was necessary or even wished....
    It is matter to want to do a service for help, search for profits is another one.

  10. Hi, if I pay 30 USD can I use all fonts that are shown or do you first choose your fonts? I almost pressed 'pay by paypal' but saw in description I apparently chose for font #45. I want to have the whole menu available at any time of course.

  11. @pippaluka
    I don not know what you mean by "font #45". Is that a Typekit font? And does this help?

    Today we’re excited to bring you Custom Design, a powerful new tool that combines easy to use, code-free font selection from Typekit and a beautiful CSS editing interface with world-class support from our famous Happiness Engineers.

    You’ll find both new features—Fonts and CSS—under Appearance → Custom Design in your dashboard. Custom Design costs just $30 a year, and both features include a free preview so you can try them out first.

  12. Hi Timethief. I don't know. Can you just confirm I can without limites use and switch to any font that is offered in the typekit?

  13. @pippaluka
    I cannot confirm anything. The Themes Staff do answer all questions posted into the Themes Forum but this thread is not in that forum. It's in the technical support forum and I have previously flagged this thread so it does get moved to the Themes Forum. When that happens you can get an answer from Staff there.

  14. I use Typekit right now, and I don't need or want a CSS upgrade -- I chose the free Typekit option, which is also all I need. Now, after two weeks, as far as I understand it, I can't make any changes to my Typekit fonts without purchasing an upgrade for $30 that has far more than I need or want. I know that WordPress is free, etc., and that they are free to change whatever they want, but I am disappointed by this move. Getting the Design Upgrade would be like being given the keys to a Hummer when all I want is a Vespa.

    I presume that at some point, the free Typekit option will simply go away altogether. I just think it's quite funny that the email I got says, "Today we launched a new service called Custom Design that replaces the existing Typekit feature on -- and we think you're really going to like it," when they're replacing a feature that had a free option with one that costs thirty bucks regardless of how a person uses it.

  15. @mmadfan, good questions and something staff needs to answer. I'll tag this thread for their attention.

  16. @tsp: Thanks! :)

  17. From the annoucement:

    If you are already using Typekit fonts on your blog, you are grandfathered in—meaning your fonts will continue to display as they do now but you’ll have limited editing and functionality. To take advantage of all the new features, we encourage you to upgrade to Custom Design.

    What "limited editing and functionality" means is the real question.

  18. Exactly -- I presume it means that either we can't change the fonts chosen or we can't change which tags are selected (h1, h2, paragraphs, sidebar text, etc.), or both. I really don't want to pay $30 when I'm happy with the free option (limited though it is) that was available through Typekit already. I use one of the "Typekit ready" themes -- Coraline -- and my previous theme was also one of the ones that was included in the themes where you didn't have to do anything but tell Typekit which theme you were using.

  19. I asked support if I'd still be able to go to to edit my font kit for my blog and this is the answer I got:

    You'll still be able to make changes to the fonts on Typekit's side but you won't be able to adjust which Typekit ID your blog uses after the next two weeks.

  20. @airodyssey: That's encouraging, I guess. I'm not sure of what circumstance would have me changing my Typekit ID, anyway.

  21. You know, they typekit thing, although I didn't use it, was a nice option for people who just wanted to lend a touch of personality to their site by changing the site title or the post and page titles, or perhaps even changing the body font. Not it costs $30 to do that.

    {shakes head}

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