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    For those of you who wish to customise CONNECTIONS having bought the CSS add-in above is a link to some CSS mods that change colours and fonts (and one or two bords and hover controls). All the rest has been stripped out so if you are a CSS newbie like me my mods would be a great place for you to start to build your own CONNECTIONS customisation by using the EDIT CSS part of the WP Dashboard and choosing to ADD my mods to the existing them.

    Note you CANNOT use the @import(url) command. If you dont know what that is dont worry!

    My help question: The text underneath my flickr photo widget has gone the same colour as the background and for the life of me I can't find where to change apprecaited.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. PS If you are thinking about changing the column width of connections, then you will have to change some of the jpegs as well as they are repeated down the image. If you are a beginner this adds one more step change of difficulty.

    (You can see from my first stab that the overall appearance is not as well blended as the original but at least vaguely approching the colours I want.)

  3. Add this to your CSS:

    #flickr_badge_wrapper td a {color: [COLOR-YOU-WANT] !important;}
  4. you're making a habit of saving my CSS-life
    thank you again
    hopefully i am putting something back to the community with my mods above

  5. You're welcome.

    I do believe you're putting something back to help the community. Although there are a few things I would change in your mods, it's really cool that you want to help people out by making them available.

  6. W.I.P. !!!!!

    they are not finished i know.

    probs with the borders and colours

    took me a day to get where i am...wish someone had done same for me.

    happy to receive any suggestions!!!!!

  7. PS i couldn't get te flickr wrapper to change to existing

    #flickr_badge_wrapper td a {color:#808080;background-color:#916B2C;}


    #flickr_badge_wrapper td a {color:#808080;}

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