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    Can I use a command similar to:

    @import url(http://www.mywebsite.com/text/wordpress_customised_css.css)

    in the edit CSS part of wordpress (after I have paid for it)
    I apprecite some code my be stripped out of my own css file.
    This method will help me better manage my overall CSS.

    The blog I need help with is blog.kothea.com.


    I don’t know, but you can give it a tryDo realize that since you will be pulling part of the CSS from a different location on the internet, that there could be times that because of internet connection issues (or server issues on one end or the other) that your custom CSS will not load, or only load partially, probably resulting in a very strange looking blog.



    hmm yes, that’s a thought

    As a follow up: And if I subsequently change my remote CSS will I have to re-import all? Or will the @import command be perm stored somewhere in the murky CSS depths at wordpress and effectively be executed each time a blog page is called??

    many thanks


    If it works and will pull it from a remote location, then when you update the remote CSS, wordpress will pull that updated CSS.

    The thing is though that you need to try it to see if it will work. WordPress.COM may actually have the ability to do this blocked.



    @import doesn’t work. It’ll be stripped out by the wp software.


    Ah, good to know.



    Yep I’ve just tried it and can confirm it does not work at all :-(

    so much for my great idea.

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