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CSS customisation suddenly stopped working.

  1. Thank f*ck it's not just me. I had a little panic there. Good luck sorting it out WordPress People!

  2. okay, phew, it's not just me...darn my site is so ugly without the CSS...LOL..hope it gets fixed soon! :-)

  3. Reason found, cure being mixed.

  4. Cheers, Mark!

  5. Everything is back to normal. Sorry for the panic!

  6. Thanks

  7. Thanks.

  8. It might take users clearing their cache and reloading the page for this to work again. If this is still a problem, try that first :)


  9. Will you disclose the reason for the hiccups? Or is that classified? :)

  10. It's back! My girly-themed website is back! Thank you WordPress :-)

  11. Thanks chaps.

  12. How can we make sure that this doesn't happen again? I've noticed that certain (more professional) sites that use the WordPress custom CSS upgrade, weren't affected. I've heard of a way to protect CSS. Anyone know anything about it? I can't have this keep happening...somebody, help!!

  13. Be assured this isn't a common thing and it only affected a few users and was fixed within 5 minutes of staff being aware of it. I don't think you have to worry about this happening very often at all.


  14. You could always go pro and host the site yourself if you think this is a major threat.

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