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CSS customisation suddenly stopped working.

  1. Custom changes I made to my blog's CSS before Christmas have suddenly stopped working. Anyone got any ideas why?

  2. Same with mine. And I seem to have accidentally deleted my backups... sure hope have backups of my changes :(

  3. Same here. :( Don't know what's happening.

  4. I have that problem too. If I try to access the custom stylesheet directly, no content is returned.

  5. greatwarfiction

    And mine...

  6. bongocelebrity

    Same here as well.

  7. and here

  8. likewise.

  9. Mine still seems to be "there", just not working... you have my sympathy. Hate it when that happens (i.e. accidentally deleted backups).

  10. Holy shit!!! Me too :(

  11. My blog (now private) with the css upgrade has no formatting of any kind right now.

  12. I wouldn't change anything (except copying and saving custom css in a local file for later) until the automattic guys respond

  13. So I'm not alone, then? :)

  14. I see the problem is that the custom css files sent by the servers, are empty now =S

  15. Same here as well.

  16. I sent them an email. Let's wait and watch.

  17. Same problem. I was shocked to go back to my blog and see something really different from what I was used to.

  18. Same thing happend to me too.

    This is crazy, who is messing their the site code!!!!

  19. Same thing here... sent an email.

  20. Wasn't me... 'onest ;-)

  21. Best time to come up with a new CSS layout! :P

  22. @Automattic, common guys naked css it's until April 5th, not today.


  23. I am also experiencing this problem!

  24. I have the same problem! Really annoying.

  25. So am I!

  26. Mine too. I'll just sit and wait since others have already let them know. It's important we let them focus on whatever they need to do to fix it rather than inundate them with mail from all of us.

    So.. anyone know a good joke?

  27. Staff are checking into this one.


  28. It's being checked right now - I'll post as soon as I have news.

  29. Cheers, Trent!

  30. Thank you, staff! :-)

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