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    I’ve purchased the CSS customization upgrade. It doesn’t appear to be saving any of my comments to make note of what changes were done and why.

    For example, an entry as simple as the following:

    /* This changes the navigation background color */
    #access {
    background: #2d3e6a;

    will return only this once the stylesheet is saved:
    #access {
    background: #2d3e6a;

    Am I missing something or are comments not available?

    The blog I need help with is californiahost.wordpress.com.


    Sorry about that! Comments currently won’t be saved because of the limitation of our security implementation—we do strip out some things for security reasons such as the ability to read in any external file. Comments is on our list to make available though!


    We’ve updated and CSS comments are now preserved in the WordPress.com CSS Editor. Thanks for posting a note about it in the forums for us about it!


    That’s good news. :)

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