CSS Customization etiquette with other themes

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    I found one of the designs in the Sandbox design competition that I liked, but wanted to make some changes. I pretty much just liked the layout. I’ve figured out enough code that I can make the changes I want, which are fairly substantial. I’m more familiar with working in Livejournal and the standard there is to credit someone for the underlying code if you alter a fair amount of code, which I would do.

    Should I contact the original designers and let them know that I’m using their entry in the competition and making changes to it? Should I get their approval? The support page listed in the documentation no longer exists. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.


    I think it is better to mail them if you can find their contact address, but should you decide to use and edit it don’t forget to credit them by linking to their website or telling your readers that this custom layout was taken from them.

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