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    Could someone please, help me to ammend the css for the Vigilance theme, please.

    1. I need to take out the horizontal bar beneath the header image.
    2. Change the font colour of the menu/sub menu titles.
    3. Change the font colour of the page names.

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is beeniebudsandco.wordpress.com.


    1. This gets rid of the border below the navigation tabs.

    #header {border-bottom:none; }

    2. This will change the “normal” nav tab state. It will not change the active or hover states for the tabs. Change the hex color code as desired.

    #nav li a {color:#333333; }

    3. This will change the colors of the page titles. Again, change the hex color code as desired.

    h1.pagetitle, h2.pagetitle {color:#000000;}


    Thank you very much for your rapid response thesacredpath, I will try it now.


    You are welcome.

    One other note for you going forward, at wordpress.COM, don’t paste the entire stylesheet into the CSS edit box. Simply put in the specific selectors and specific declarations that you are changing into the edit window. Your custom CSS is loaded after the original and any changes you make overwrite the declarations in the original. It also makes it much easier to keep track of what you have changed and what you have not.



    After clicking on Edit css, then clicking on “view original stylesheet”

    after doing this, the css seems to not be correct as in it does not show the tags stated above that needs changing.

    please help grrrrrrrrrrr!


    You aren’t actually changing the original CSS. You are adding new definitions that will override the original. Clear everything out of the CSS edit window and paste the following and make your color changes.

    #header {border-bottom:none; }
    #nav li a {color:#333333; }
    h1.pagetitle, h2.pagetitle {color:#000000;}

    Also on Vigilance, the CSS is done in a totally different way, so the “view original stylesheet” doesn’t actually show you the stylesheet (actually there are several for vigilance), it shows you the main CSS file which then calls the other CSS files needed.


    Thanks again thesacredpath your a star :0), keep up the good work!


    You’re welcome and thanks.

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