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    If I’m correct, the upgrade costs 15 credits (15$ each credit), that makes custom CSS cost 250$ a year, $20 per month. My hosting company is much cheaper and offers me a lot more.

    It’s only an opinion but wordpress.com is far to limited in options (no plugins, no newsletter no personalization in any other way than CSS) for such a price.

    There’s no balance between the “free” publishing system and the incredibly expensive CSS customization.



    It’s my understanding that the price for css customization is $15 per year. http://wordpress.com/blog/2006/08/17/try-custom-css/ And as far as options go this thread may be useful http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=3700&replies=1



    It’s $15 a year for the CSS editing. TT should have pointed to this page instead where it says “Purchasing the upgrade entitles you to edit CSS on one blog for one year.”

    The upgrade page even says “Credits cost $1 each.”



    Dumb question time. At the end of said 12 months, does the CSS customisation get removed until you pay again?

    When you pay again will it be reactivated or will you have to start again?

    I know you guys won’t be able to answer these questions for definite, just hoping one of the Key Masters might see and reply.


    at the end of 12 months, yes, your customizations will be turned off (that’s the official word of the devs, i just can’t remember where)

    <speculation>it’s _my understanding_ that your customizations will remain intact until you re-activate. even the customizations that you make in preview mode remain intact, so i don’t see why permanent edits wouldn’t. </speculation>


    with your hosting company, do you allow your clients unlimited bandwidth? or when their blog gets dugg or /.-ed, will you shut them off or charge them triple for the increased bandwidth?
    how well do you know wordpress? if their database gets hosed, are you going to fix it for them?

    no, wordpress doesn’t allow unlimited customization. but it makes it up in other areas. and at $15/year, the customization is substantially cheaper than self-hosting.



    with your hosting company, do you allow your clients unlimited bandwidth?

    And even if they did, chances are there’s something in their AUP that says that if they use up too many resources, they’ll get cancelled.

    I just think txefusita misunderstood what he or she read and I think we should now drop teh subject. :)

    I think Matt said that customizations will get turned off after 12 months as well. Someone else is going to have to dig for the thread.

    Slashdotting is fun. It’s one of the reasons why I only put 200 – 225 clients on a box at a time myself. Gives me a lot of extra room in case it happens. Had 3 sites on one day get hit. Got the load up a bit that day but it went fine. :)



    Ok, if it’s 15 a year, there’s a problem on the upgrades page. If you take a look at it, under “Upgrades available” on the cost column it says it costs credits NOT $15.



    In addition to all of the free features of WordPress.com, we offer a few options for paid upgrades for enhanced functionality. Credits cost $1 each. The buttons below will bring you to a Paypal page where they can be purchased. We do not offer refunds on credits or products purchased on WordPress.com


    Custom CSS
    This upgrade allows you to add custom CSS to customize any theme on this current blog. This is recommended mostly for advanced users who understand CSS. (more info) 15 credits

    Shamelessly lifted straight from the “upgrades” page in my dashboard.



    Probably says that to allow for different currancies later on I would think.



    I’ve just bought 15creds and the CSS upgrade with it, but when I go to save my CSS in the editor it’s being lost, is anyone else having the same problem?



    First I’ve heard about it. I just tried editing my own and it went through fine. Since I can pull up your CSS here and note that it’s the welcome message still, it does look like it’s not saving for some reason. You might want to drop a Feedback to staff to see if they can double check this since it soulds more like a backend issue.

    Oh, and do your visitors a favor, please. A 1.2 meg photo dead center on your home page in kind of frowned upon. Think of those folks still on dial up. You may want to change that over to a thumbnail with a link to the picture.

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