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    I just bought the css customization for my site and want to adjust some stuff but I have no clue what selectors to use or which html element the coding rule will affect!

    How do I find out the html elements it will effect and what selector name to use to connect the css to the correct part of the theme? Don’t you need to see the html to add css? Can we see the html somehow or am I missing something all together?

    The blog I need help with is cypressdesign.wordpress.com.



    You need to learn to use a developer extension – such as Firebug in Firefox, Web Inspector in Safari, Developer Tools or Firebug Lite in Chrome.



    You can use built in browser tools to see the HTML and CSS used for the theme, and using those tools is the best way to do it when you are making small adjustments to existing theme CSS (the most common way).

    To view the web inspector which is built in to most modern browsers, right-click on any element and click the “Inspect Element” option. A panel will show up with the HTML for what you clicked on highlighted and all of the CSS that applies to it will appear on the right.

    In WordPress.com, only adjusted CSS should be added to the Appearance → Themes → Customize → CSS panel and you should use your browser to view HTML and CSS to find out which selectors to use.

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