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    I have purchased the CSS Editing upgrade for my WordPress.com blog. I would like to use the foliage theme (http://themes.wordpress.net/columns/1-column/343/foliage-mod-102/) but have been unable to get it to work. Some of the colors and fonts change, but it doesn’t turn into the theme at all. Thanks for the help.


    CSS won’t buy you themes. foliage is a bit more than just the styling.

    it will let you customize the appearance of the existing themes, though.

    you might be able to make a decent clone of foliage, but it’ll take a fair bit of work. you won’t be able to add the javascript ‘pull’ thingy, but if you coordinate the class names of your wordpress.com theme, with the styling in foliage, you can probably get most of the rest of it.

    if you’re looking for plug-n-play solutions, try these:



    I believe that reaper-x already has already customized and ported “foliage”. I think he did it right after he did china red.


    maybe you’re thinking of greenery?
    i can’t find it.



    Ding dong – I looked everywhere and you’re right – it was “greenery” and not foliage. I zoomed back to say that but was too late … you had already returned from the goose chase … sorry. :(


    heh. theme naming is a crowded field. i think there are actually two greenery themes, and derek released foliage and foliage mod. ;)



    A dozen “White” themes…

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